Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Saved by the Bell

During the school break in August, about 10 girls stayed with us while the rest went home for a month to stay with family members. These 10 were special cases and had to stay with us. So instead of always keeping them in the dorm, bored out of their minds, I wanted to have some fun with them.

One Sunday morning, I loaded them up in my Land Cruiser and we headed off to church. They were so excited to go. After the service we stopped at a gas station to buy sodas and some cookies. They had so much fun I took them the following week again.

But perhaps their favorite thing about that school break were the evenings we spent up at my house watching tv. I brought a few seasons of Saved by the Bell with me. I thought maybe they'd like it. I was wrong. They LOVED it! Dare I say they were SBTB junkies. They love Screech and his goofy clothes and personality. We made it through 3 seasons in just 3 weeks. I haven't laughed so hard at that show in a long time. They can now be found singing the theme song at random times throughout the day, and it gets huge applause when I put it on Sunday afternoons. I bought the dvds on a whim, finding them cheap at FYE. I thought, maybe the kids might like these. I'm so glad I bought them now!

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