Friday, May 17, 2013

Fun Friday: Good Photos Gone Bad

If you're on Facebook, or just on the internet in general, you may have heard of photo-bombing. It's when someone's trying to take a nice photo and someone jumps in doing something crazy in the background, thus messing up the picture.

Take, for example, the following picture of zebras and a warthog. The warthog wasn't invited to the party, but he heard the music and decided to check it out.

So I want to present to you photo-bombing Uganda style:
The following is such a sweet picture from 2008 of me with the girls I sponsor...Oh but wait, we're not the only ones there...
Again my girls, Mariam and Sophie, being adorable playing a drum...and a goofy floating face.

A photo with Sophie and a girl who wanted to get in on the action in 2011.

I'm starting to notice a theme here. These are apparently most popular when I'm trying to get a good picture with our sponsored children. Here I am with my parents' sponsored child Eva, my girls Mariam and Sophie, my parent's other sponsored child Bridget, and their friend Racheal. And the one in the back holding his armpit? That's Mariam and Sophie's older brother Nasar. He's kind of the king of photo-bombing.

If Nasar is the King then Fahadi is the Prince. Here he is getting in on the photo action one evening.

Here we have some kids innocently walking by as I'm snapping a picture of these two girls in grey. But "Oh wait, maybe I'd like my picture taken too!"
Heh heh!

And this isn't so much photo-bombing as it is photo-creeping.

- Aly

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Duty: Part 2

I shared with you some of the work I will be doing directly with the children of Uganda, but that isn't all of it. One of my responsibilities will be to coordinate and host short-term mission teams.

The first short-term missions team to Uganda came in 2002. Since that time, the number of trips has increased. AMG currently has 4 mission teams visiting throughout the year.

In January we have the Youth Conference team. They spend the first week taking part in AMG's annual youth conference which involves praise and worship, Bible studies, discipleship, games, and much more. During the second week, they participate in another part of AMG's ministry in Uganda. The last team that came in January traveled to the Northern part of Uganda to minister to refugees who have begun to return to their homes after they were displaced during the 20 year war in the North.

In May, there is a Pastor's Conference where we have pastors (though not all team members are pastors) there to train Ugandan Pastors. This conference is typically aimed at training rural area pastors who lack spiritual and theological training.

August brings our Medical Team. This team conducts clinics in Iganga (about 70 miles East of Kampala going toward the border with Kenya) as well as Bugongi (about 200 miles West of Kampala near the borders with Rwanda and the Congo). They help with treating, sharing the Gospel, and praying with patients. They also participate in home visits, Dorcas ministry, and others.

Finally, in late November we have a team for Bundles of Love. This is a program where team members give out Christmas gifts (or Bundles) to the children in AMG's sponsorship program. This team celebrates Christmas with the children at our centers.

With each trip came a time for ministry and many blessings, but it also caused some hardship for the AMG workers who at times were taking from their typical days' work and sent out with the team. As they helped with the teams, the work would pile up making it hard to catch up after 2 weeks. Reuben thought it was time to get someone to help plan for the teams and help them along the way. He wanted someone who knew the ministry of AMG in Uganda, someone who understood the culture of Uganda, but could also work well in understanding Americans. My job will be to act as a bridge between the two.

I am praying that the Lord will provide the financial support that I need in order to begin serving in this role in July in preparation of the upcoming team in August. If you would like to take part in the work the Lord is doing in Uganda, please click the AMG logo on the sidebar of my blog.

- Aly